The Black Sheep

Restaurant, Pizza, Pasta

The Black Sheep is a new restaurant based on an industrial concept which provides an experience that combines indoor and outdoor seating, vertical gardens, quality food, inventive cocktails and a super pleasant ambiance. Their open-air lounge is even equipped with a misting system that keeps temperatures delightfully cool during the summer. It serves quality food like some majorly delicious house-made pizzas, pastas, and burgers, as well as lighter English snacks like Scotch Eggs, and jacket potatoes. But the highlight is the extensive list of superlative cocktails — from the classics like Mojito, Cosmo and LIIT to the house’s very own inventions like the Holy Camoly, Red Woman, Kannada Gotilla and Rebel Wilson that really aim to start the city’s love affair with cocktails. Bottomline, TBS seems to have nailed every essential detail of opening a restaurant – right place, right time, right food, right people.

They are open every Tuesday to Sunday. They remain closed on Mondays.

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Wotsa’s Square, 2nd Floor, Opposite ICICI Bank, Midland, Dimapur

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4 reviews

  1. Excellent

    I don’t know if I like the food more or the customer service, excellent!

  2. Excellent service

    Excellent… love the industrial theme and the impeccable service.

  3. Not your typical restro bar (in Nagaland)

    I like the feel that I’m in a city brunching with friends when at ‘the black sheep’. I couldn’t be happier knowing I have a place I can relate to if ever I want to chill and relax. I’m genuinely happy to know a part of the city life is being brought back to our very own home town(dimapur).
    The food, the drinks, the ambience and the hospitality of the staffs is true to its word.

  4. Thanks to black sheep restaurant

    visited to black sheep restaurant and lounge dimapur for the first time…. Ambiance is awesome. Thanks to Loli and panger for professional and awesome service.

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