Supermarket, Kohima

Daily Bazaar, Local Produce

The Supermarket local bazaar is located at the northern gate entrance of the Local Ground (or Kepesheii) in the heart of Kohima Town. The area is commonly called Supermarket Area by locals and has been a crowd-zone for decades due to it being home to fresh produce, the Union Baptist Church (UBC),  Axis Bank, the Local Ground, the old location for Nagaland University (Central University), as well as a small connecting detour for pedestrians to get to the other side of Town. As for the Supermarket itself, it is one of the few meeting points for farmers and vegetable tenders who come from various rural districts to sell freshly picked, organic foods: seasonal local fruits (cucumbers, bananas, kiwi, guavas, passion fruit, wild apple, etc) and vegetables (local chilly, King Chilly, local coriander, string beans, seasonal squash, ginger, freshly ground chilly powder), a variety of grains (jobs tears, millet, maize, local rice, kidney beans, soya beans), local delicacies like snails, woodworms, bee larvae, poultry, frogs, to home-made local ingredients like fermented bamboo shoot, Angami Axone, smoked meat, bouquets of fresh flowers, handmade kitchen items such as wood/metal mortar and pestle, wooden plates and bowls, woven baskets, knives and daos (Naga hand-held ax).

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Located at the northern gate entrance of the Local Ground, Kohima.


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