Mao Market

Daily Bazaar, Local Produce

Mao Market is the largest locally organized market functioning in the Kohima district, located between Bethel Hospital and the Fire Department, Kohima. The market has five stories of local and organic food items, as well as other material imported goods. It is where the agrarian-based population primarily the Mao Naga cultivators and animal rearers come together and provide one of the largest selection of fresh produce to customers looking for only the best. Over the years, Mao Market has come to include other Naga tribes bringing the best of what the Naga hills have to offer. The entire Complex brings you locally grown and produced fresh farm eggs, fermented bamboo shoots, Raja Chillies, bananas, gooseberries, grains, bamboo shoots and butcheries for fresh meat like pork, beef, and poultry. The upper section of the Complex features stores of both new and second-hand (used) clothes.

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Located between Bethel Hospital and the Fire Department, Kohima


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